Do You Like Your Coffee Filtered? How about your worldview?

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As web companies strive to tailor their services (including news and search results) to our personal tastes, there’s a dangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a “filter bubble” and don’t get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview. Eli Pariser argues powerfully that this will ultimately prove to be bad for us and bad for democracy.  Pioneering online organizer Eli Pariser is the author of “The Filter Bubble,” about how personalized search might be narrowing our worldview.

Is Twitter part of the solution.

Lately I have become disillusioned with Twitter. Well not exactly disillusioned but wonder if the time / value trade-off is worth the effort.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have met some very interesting people through Twitter but to do so has taken a lot of focused effort and consideration.  Lately, I have too many connections be able to properly filter.  There are programs out there that will gladly suggest people I should follow based on who I already follow or who follows me. While I do filter based on my own interests, if carefully managed, I have much more control over who and how closely I follow people.  Of course once I start clicking the links within the tweets, I end up back in the hands of “Big Brother”.  Still it makes me wonder if Twitter has an important role to play after all.

And for an alternative view :-)


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